Thursday, 6 August 2015

Prime minister (Mr John Key)

Image result for prime minister at tauranga intermediate school 2015On July 30th our prime minister Mr John Key came to our school to talk about his amazing job and why we should be involved in politics in the future. The school had the chance to ask some questions but after the assembly all the house leaders had the chance to ask questions and have afternoon tea with him some of the questions that were asked were What made you want go for prime minister? he said "When he was little he always wanted to be prime minister so that really inspired him to go further." then I asked "Have much time do you spend away from your family and he said "He is away pretty much every day but you slowly adjust." he said. It was really exciting meeting John and if I had the chance to see him again I would ask him What's his favourite food? and does he get to eat it often?

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