Monday, 30 November 2015

Maths Wk 8 Angels



Sunday, 29 November 2015


  • P.E Gear. EVERYDAY.
  •  Homework(Due Week 9 Friday.) 
  • Winter shoes/Sandals. 5 points per pair Remember (1 pair could be a whole game changer:) 
  •  Attendance (Be at school Everyday.)

Secret Santa?

Your Child has the opportunity to take part in Room 8's Secret Santa 2015.
Secret Santa is due on the 14th of December/spend NO more than $5.

Jaimie Mcdell at T.I.S

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Term 4 Week 6 Tauranga Intermediate Were lucky enough to have the privilege of Jaimie Mcdell come to play a few of her Inspiring songs and talking to us about some world vision. She also talked to us about how she became such a big NewZealand artist. We all loved having her here and wish to have more famous NewZealanders come to Tauranga Intermediate School.

10 days to go!!

  Of School in the last 10 days we have.
1.Gate Pa teaching.
2.Yr8 Picnic Day.
3.Yr8 Assembly.
5.Sports Prize giving.
6.STARS Water day.
7.Secret Santa.

When Richie Mccaw and Gemma Flyn came to T.I.S

On 23rd of November 2015 the famous NewZealand All Black captain Richie McCaw and Jemma Flynn came to Tauranga Intermediate School for a very special assembly where Richie and Jemma both talked about finding the right sport and being committed to it till the end.
They also talked about how they got to where they are in life and being aspiring leaders.

Beach Ed

Slide shows on Beach Education

Made by the different class groups in Rm 8.